All of our Township's ordinances are now online, and we encourage you to make yourself familiar with them.

We have partnered with the General Code website where you may view all categories of ordinances for Jackson Township of York County, Pennsylvania.

As new ordinances are created, they will be added to this screen for your viewing. 
Ordinance 226-2022  Chapter 50 Open Burning
Ordinance 227-2022  Chapter 107 Stormwater Management
Ordinance 228-2023  Amending the Jackson Township Zoning Map
Ordinance 229-2023  Establishing a Volunteer Service Credit Program
Ordinance 230-2023  Amending the Jackson Township Zoning Map

Of course, if you have questions, please contact us at the Jackson Township Office for clarification. 


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Community Facts

Total Area: 23.5 sq. miles
Population: 8748 (2020 Census)
Population Density: 319 persons per sq. mile
Township Road Miles: 47.25
State Road Miles: 30.84
School District: Spring Grove Area Schools