The Public Works Crew began leaf pick-up December 4th  in the Pigeon Hills and will proceed east through the township for one last pick-up of leaves in 2017. The township ask that residents who live along our rural roads in particular bear with our staff as they try to collect leaves from roadsides as quickly and safely as possible.  We will be using two dump trucks and a state-of-the-art vacuum trailer running slowly against the normal traffic flow to do the collection as volume circumstances dictate the routes.  The staff of 4 crewmen have a difficult task to accomplish this assignment.  However, you can imagine, late fall, rain, frost, and heaven forbid, early snowfall can make scheduled completion of this job almost impossible.  So please have patience as we proceed with this state mandated service.  

No Burning of Trash Effective June 1, 2013

The Jackson Township Board of Supervisors implemented a new Burning Ordinance that regulates all burning.  NO REFUSE, BRUSH, LEAVES, RECYCLABLE MATERIALS, WET GARBAGE OR OTHER MATTER WHICH SMOLDERS SHALL BE BURNED IN ANY FIRES.


Permits are required for all construction and repair projects.  Proposed Use Permits are required for all repair work-the erection, enlargement, alteration, repair, moving or demolition of any part of all structures on your property. 


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Total Area: 23.5 sq. miles
Population: 7494 (2010 Census)
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