Jackson Township Community Park

The Community Park status and rendition of the proposed park plan are located under the "Recreation" tab.

2019 Street Sweeping

The Public Works crew will be street sweeping throughout the township within the next few weeks depending on availablility of street sweeper which is borrowed from Spring Grove Borough.
There will be no set schedule, residents parked along the street that would like the street sweeping done in front of their property should relocate their vehicles from 7 AM - 3 PM during the week.
Further updates will be posted on the website.   

Spring 2019 Yard Waste Collection

April 29  -  May 3, 2019

Several years ago Jackson Township was mandated by state law to provide collection of yard waste from residential properties at least once per year.  Yard waste includes tree and shrubbery trimmings with branches not more than 6 inches in diameter and other organic landscape vegetation.Yard waste does NOT include:

Grass Clippings, Tree Trunks, Tree Stumps, Dirt and Stones, Fruits and Vegetables, Root Balls, Treated, Stained or Painted Wood, Bamboo or Wooden Furniture!!
Yard waste can be placed in biodegradable brown paper bags or bundled or piled at the curb or paved road edge before 7:00 AM April 29, 2019.  Yard waste in plastic bags WILL NOT be collected.  Any material not considered collectible that is placed on any part of the paved road surface will be pushed off the road onto adjacent property for the property owner's disposal responsibility.
This pick-up service is intended as a spring time convenience for residential property owners.  It is not an opportunity to clean-out wood lots, clear land for crops or grazing, or for wholesale preparation for complete landscape redecoration.

No Burning of Trash Effective June 1, 2013

The Jackson Township Board of Supervisors implemented a new Burning Ordinance that regulates all burning.  NO REFUSE, BRUSH, LEAVES, RECYCLABLE MATERIALS, WET GARBAGE OR OTHER MATTER WHICH SMOLDERS SHALL BE BURNED IN ANY FIRES.


Permits are required for all new construction projects.  Proposed Use Permits are required for the erection, enlargement, alteration, moving or demolition of any part of all structures on your property. 


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Community Facts

Total Area: 23.5 sq. miles
Population: 7494 (2010 Census)
Population Density: 319 persons per sq. mile
Township Road Miles: 47.25
State Road Miles: 30.84
School District: Spring Grove Area Schools