Lincoln Fire Companyof Thomasville

Lincoln Fire Company #1 of Thomasville, serving Jackson Township, York County, PAAfter several meetings on April 4, 1938, concerned Thomasville residents gathered at Crist's garage to organize a new Fire Company to protect and serve Thomasville.  At this meeting, G. A. Heebe and H. A. Slonaker were appointed 1st Vice Presidents.  A name was chosen, plans to construct a building were initiated and a discussion ensued during this important meeting as to what equipment to purchase and how to do so.  Bylaws were adopted on July 5, 1938; and a Charter was granted and filed at the York County Courthouse on July 5, 1938.

The new Fire Hall was constructed on land donated by the Baker Company.  The first meeting in the new fire hall was held on October 9, 1939; and dedication of this building was celebrated on October 28, 1940.  Lincoln Fire Company officially joined the York County Firefighters Association on October 8, 1941 with dedication of their first piece of equipment -- an American LaFrance Fire Apparatus on October 25, 1941.  Ambulance service began in 1957 with equipment donated by the Spring Grove Lions Club.

In 2017 the Board of Directors of Thomasville EMS took a new direction.  The Lincoln Fire Company #1 of Thomasville has owned and operated Thomasville Ambulance since its inception.  As of January 1, 2017, Thomasville EMS mutually agreed to separate from the Lincoln Fire Company #1 and consolidate resources with Northeastern Area EMS (NEAEMS). This consolidation has provided positive benefits to the organization such as resource sharing, cost reduction, increased staffing, and an overall larger and more stable EMS organization.

ambulanceWith this consolidation, NO resources have been moved out of the Jackson Township area. Services will continue to be staffed at the Advanced Life Support level (MICU 3), which provides the highest level of emergency medical care to the citizens of Jackson Township and the surrounding communities.  The only change residents of Jackson Township will notice is the name change to reflect the new organization.  All of our ambulances will now be lettered as Northeastern Area EMS.  The Ambulance will continue to be stationed in Thomasville at the Lincoln Fire Co. #1 quarters (Thomasville Fire Dept.) and cover the same service areas as in the past, while continuing as the primary emergency medical service provider for Jackson Township.

The crews are all highly qualified medical professionals with many years of experience as prehospital providers.  We take pride in the level of service we provide to the community and Thank You for your continued support.  We are proud to serve you and look forward to many more years as your service provider!  Please do not hesitate to contact Laura Lash with any questions or concerns.    

If you are looking for a way to serve your community and have an interest in the fire service, please contact the Lincoln Fire Company for more information.



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